Friday, January 4, 2008

What was the dumbest thing you ever said?

In my formative college years, I once attempted to compliment my boyfriend's . . . errr . . . prowess. (Back story: He was--shall we say--diminutive in a portion of his anatomy.) I told him he was quality over quantity.

Surprise, surprise. He wasn't flattered.


Kimchihead said...

I dated this girl once. She bought this outfit that wasn't very flattering. It accentuated her love handles. "Do I look fat?" she asked.

"Yea," I replied. "Just a little."

It was my first of many trips to the dog house.

Rybu said...

One summer in college I went to live on Hilton head with my girlfriend Emilie. During the summer I fell for a girl named Emily. Emilie found out and in an attempt to apologize in a letter I addressed her as Emily.


Shinade said...

Gee whiz....There are simply to many for me to single out one.

Besides there is a wonderful thing to develop a wonderful selective memory:):)