Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poll Results: What were you thinking?!

Alas, I've decided to end the long respite and start a blogging question once per week. Hence, our poll results are in for What was the dumbest thing you ever said?

This last love poll inquired: Have you ever regretted saying something stupid to that special someone? It could have been a first date, it could have been after years of involvement. Most of us have wished we were less free with our speech at times. When was yours?

Most of us out there confessed to there is something to be said about being too honest, resulting in some not-so-tasty feet for that candle-lit dinner. The majority, 41 percent (5 amour-osophers) admitted, "I made a mistake--I told the truth."

The second largest group made their voices heard (or not-so heard) by officially keeping mum on why they spoke those unretractable words. Three amour-osophers pleaded the fifth (35 percent).

Only two amour-osophers (16 percent)
admitted to tripping over their words by trying to impress someone, but doing quite the reverse.

A couple amour-osophers (16 percent) also admitted to saying something stupid in the heat of anger
, only to regret what they said once their tempers cooled.

Thanks to Kimchihead and Rybu for admitting some of their past mistakes for the sake of exploring the nature of true love. We amour-osophers out there wish you luck in your pursuits in finding and holding onto that special someone.


Monday Morning Power said...

You need to post the Big Bang here before I can add you to the list. Let me know when you have posted.

Book Calendar said...

True love is one of those things you never forget...

Shinade said...

Lol...I will admit to being one of the three that plead the fifth.:):)

Sorry I haven't dropped in lately but, with my hubby home for his schedule is crazy.

Anonymous said...

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