Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Date

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn't have my first real date until my freshman year of college. Throughout high school, I would hang out with my friends at prom and homecoming.
That first date also turned out to be a fraternity date party and I was set up by one of my newfound friends.

The guy wound up having literally one eyebrow. He bragged a lot about drinking and the joys of fraternity life and all the amazing, impressive, and jeuvenile things fraternity guys did. He showed me his room and and he and his roommates talked to me about "shacking" and "fuck sheets". I had a decent conversation with his best friend, who was dating the girl who set me up. Although, nothing will make a dumbass coed's heart go pitter patter than recanting of drinking games and other exploits.

I was actually impressed.

Boy, I was also really stupid.

Any stories of your own. Hopefully your first date went a little better.

Or perhaps, tell me of a great or horrible first date of a relationship you are in now . . .

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Heffer said... first date was with my now-husband of 40 years. It was the summer before I was in 9th grade and I felt oh-so-grown-up going on a car-date with a guy a year older than me. I was 14 going on 15...and, of course, it was a double a drive-in movie...I don't remember the movie, but we all (all 4 of us) laughed alot. I even got a good-night kiss!! which I'm sure was very awkward because it was my first....and, by the way, I dated other guys in high school, but eventually ...came back to my first date, my first love, and my last love!